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Twist Workout
Twist Workout

Get rid of belly fat!

  • Ab Tightening
  • Bun Lifting
  • Calorie Burning
  • Convienent for home or at the office
  • 4 workout videos, 2 MoChi Twisters
  • Nutrition Guide, & C.D.
  • Tote Bag & G.I.F.T. Dial
MoChi Twister

A new twist workout for fitness and fun!

The new MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” dance-inspired fun-filled workout using the MoChi Twisters offers phenomenal results. MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” is an amazing, convenient, effective, and economical fitness program for all ages and fitness levels that burns fat, streamlines the waist & hips, tones the abs, and lifts & tightens sexy buns. Mo=Motion + Chi=Energy Life Force. MoChi Fitness is energy life force in action… The Power is in the Motion.

If you want a full-body home at home exercise routine that targets strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio while having fun, the MoChi Twisters along with a variety of exciting MoChi Twister routines are for you! The MoChi Twister routines are quick, calorie-burning cardio workout routines that incorporate full body twist workouts into exciting dance workout fitness videos. Best of all, the MoChi Twister routines can help you burn 300 and 1000 calories in a 60 minute cardio workout!

Flexing your muscles while rotating your body on the MoChi Twisters and using the MoChi G-I-F-T Dial to gauge and target the areas you wish to firm and tone is your key to the fountain of youth. This inventive twist workout motion of the MoChi Twisters increases fluidity, mobility, and range of motion throughout the entire body, fueling your natural energy. As a result of this unique full body exercise, MoChi Twister users feel better and live healthier! And the MoChi Fitness Twister twist workout routines fit into the schedule of even the busiest Mom and Dad. When you use the MoChi Twisters and the G-I-F-T Dial for your MoChi Twister twist workout routines, it is no ordinary exercise workout…. you’ll have so much fun twisting and moving your body to your favorite music that it won’t feel like exercise at all! The days of bulky at home exercise equipment are a thing of the past – Thanks to the revolutionary, new MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” phenomenon.

Twist Workouts & Dance Workouts that are fun for everyone!

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Why MoChi Lovers Live Better And Feel Healthier!
  • Twisting increases mobility and range of motion in the entire body. Rotation engages all the major muscle groups.
  • Fits into even the busiest Mom’s or Dad’s schedule – The MoChi Twister music driven dance workout routines are also quick, calorie burning, cardio workouts. It fits great into mom’s hectic day, but it’s not just fitness for women! Dads can stay fit after a long day of work too!
  • Fitness videos with a variety of inspiring, up-beat music combined with the joy of dance means that the MoChi Fitness Twister workouts do not feel like “work” at all!
  • The MoChi Fitness Twister is designed to address all your fitness goals, directly targeting strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, increased energy, and weight loss.
  • MoChi Twister is a fun, convenient, and effective workout routine for all-ages – at a price you can afford!
  • No more need for multiple large and expensive cardio workout machines.
  • MoChi Twister exercise routines are ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning, low impact, full body fitness workouts that are so much fun!!

MoChi is NOT your ordinary Twist Workout!

See full list of MoChi Twister benefits!!

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Want to know more about the MoChi Twister?

The secret to the success of MoChi Fitness Twister workout is the rotation motion. Full body continuous rotation fuels your natural energy and increases fluidity, mobility and range of motion in the body. The low impact exercise of the twister also stimulates blood flow to the brain and other organs, improving your overall health. Energy creates energy and the power is in the motion. Your body was designed to move so power up your motion every day and start seeing unbelievable results! Whatever your fitness goals are, the MoChi Twister is your key to a healthier, happier you!!

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