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About Us

Our At Home Exercise Revolution

Sixty-five year old newlyweds Denny and Dawna Uhles love being active - in fact, both had demanding careers that required them to be in physical shape.

A slow economy and housing crunch in California slowed Denny's successful 35-year run as a high end custom home builder, and a series of knee inuries prevented San Francisco Bay area gym owner Dawna from her own very active lifestyle. A purposeful passion-filled life was important to both Denny and Dawna, who at that time were not ready to retire. Their unique situation inspired them to begin looking at different options for a new way to continue their previous active lifestyle, as well as bring in an income to enjoy the second part of their new life together.

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Cardio Workouts: Fun & Great for You!

Originally, Dawna sought a cardio workout that would help her lose the 30 pounds of belly fat she had gained during her recovery, but one that would be relatively low-to-zero impact, easy on the knees, and would mimic the feel of dancing (her favorite pastime). Using her knowledge as a fitness club owner, Dawna knew the twisting motion was beneficial and could easily work with music. Therefore, by taking an old fashioned twisting disc (device), coupled with Dawna's new technique (PCMA) Precise Controlled Muscle Activation, much like the Pilates concept, she discovered that she had created a "New" unique powerful workout program that could benefit all age groups, all fitness levels, so much "FUN", and most of all convenient! The benefits of this small light weight exercise tool is endless, takes up no more room than standing in place, and can be done at home, school or the office.

Fitness for Women & Men!

Dawna closed her fitness center and moved back to her home town, Bakersfield, California, to be with her future husband. The Uhles' started their new career together forming MoChi Fitness Inc., an online fitness company and at home exercise program dedicated to being a part of addressing and providing solutions to some of the nation's leading public health issues - those related to obesity and the lack of physical activity. The two designed and manufactured their own high quality twisters and produced four different music driven Twister twist workout & dance workout fitness videos available on DVD. The Uhles' have sold the MoChi Fitness "Twist-a-Mania" work-out package to customers in several different states across the U.S. and in Canada and Austrilia.

Dawna would love to hear your testimony. If you have a unique story and wouldn’t mind sharing it with Dawna, please click “Contact Us” and let her know how your life has been affected positively by the MoChi Twister workout.

And, by all means… Have Fun!