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Get your dance on! Dawna’s “Fit and Fun # 1 DVD” is an innovative low impact workout that helps you have fun while moving your body. Included is an instruction segment where you learn the basics of the highly successful Twister workout. Dawna will teach you how to the G-I-F-T Dial to make the most [...]

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Low Impact – High Fun Exercise

The rotation motion of the MoChi Twister equipment offers a good low impact but fun exercise program for people that have limited range of motion from back pain or chronic injuries that can’t do traditional exercise. The twisting motion releases endorphins that make you feel good and releases tensions from the day. When Dawna Hudson [...]

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Home workout routines

If you want a full body, home workout routine that targets strength, endurance, cardio, and flexibility, the Mochi Twister is for you!  As our lives get busier and busier, home workout routines are increasing in popularity.  MoChi Fitness “Twist-O-Mania” is revolutionizing the home fitness industry! The MoChi Twister isn’t just a HOME workout routine, rather [...]

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The First Wealth is Health! Treat Workouts Like Important Appointments

If health is our number one priority, why do we relegate exercise to the end of our to-do list? I suspect it’s because we can’t directly feel the damage done when we neglect our bodies from missing just one workout. Well, we can assure you; your body is keeping score and someday it’ll demand payment [...]

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