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Guided Visualization Weight Loss Program


At Mochi Fitness we want to provide you with the best program for you to reach your weight loss goals – and on top of that we want you to have fun with your journey. At Mochi Fitness we have teamed up with Summer Simonton to create this Guided Visualization Weight Loss Program. Summer is a pioneer in her field and will help you through scientifically proven techniques to lose the pounds and feel the best you ever have. Visit www.mochifitness.com today and see for yourself.

Twist – Twist – Twist-a Mania

Learn all the routines and get into the Twist-a-Mania craze. All our DVD’s have hot routines that will make you smokin’ in your jeans. The MoChi Fitness All in One Package has it all to get you started and rock your world into this new fitness routine. From beginner to advanced, lose weight quickly and [...]

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Twist Your Way Fit!

By combining flexing your muscles while rotating your body on the MoChi Twisters and using the MoChi G-I-F-T Dial to help you target the areas you wish to firm and tone is the key to reaching your fitness goals. The twisting motion of the MoChi Twisters increases flexibility and your range of motion which will [...]

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Get your dance on!

At Mochi Fitness we have it all to help you get fit and trim for the New Year. Dawna’s “Fit and Fun # 1 DVD” is an innovative low impact workout that helps you move your body and trim your figure while having fun. In this DVD there is an instruction segment where you learn [...]

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Live Healthier and More Satisfying Lifestyle

At Mochi Fitness get the newest in fitness DVD’s and workout equipment. You will be able to twist your way into a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Twist-a-Mania workouts help you to add flexibility and strength and promote a fun and energetic flair to your workout. The Body by Condy Fast Sizzling Free Style [...]

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Get Your Holiday Purchases Early

Do you have a workout enthusiast on your list this holiday season? Well – at Mochi Fitness we have the perfect All-In-One Package that will get their holiday buns in shape in short order. This package includes a guided visualization weight loss program, Sylvia’s Power Packed Cardio Combat Twister routine, Hip Hop Rocks with Caroline [...]

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Twist Twist Twist the Weight Off

If you need a new and fun workout experience to shake up your body, the MoChi Twister and its routines are just the ticket. This whole body routine targets strengthening, endurance, and flexibility while having fun. The MoChi Twister routines are quick, calorie-burning cardio dynamic routines that incorporate full body rotation exercises that help you [...]

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Full Body Fun Workout

Need a full body home work out that give you all the benefits of an in gym workout? Well at Mochi Fitness we have the routines for you. Our workout techniques target strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility. The MoChi Twister routines are quick, calorie burning routines that get your body moving. Visit www.mochifitness today and [...]

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A Fresh Guide to Nutrition and Weight Loss

At Mochi Fitness and the help of Dr. Thompson we have created A Fresh Guide to Nutrition and Weight Loss.  The MoChi Fitness weight loss program is based on sound, time proven nutritional values.  This guide will provide you with information to apply at home and at restaurants. Use this nutrition guide in correlation to [...]

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Feel Better and Live Healthier

Fitness can be for everyone – even those with limited range of motion. MoChi Fitness has developed innovative low impact workout routines that everyone can benefit from. Dawna, the owner developed these after she was injured and needed a way to strengthen herself. MoChi comes from two things - Mo=Motion + Chi=Energy Life Force. MoChi [...]

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