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Burn Fat, Lose Weight

Want to burn fat and lose weight? Want an exercise to get rid of belly fat for good? Ready to tighten the muscles in your legs and buns? Want more energy and vitality in your life? MoChi Fitness offers all of the above and more in our convenient and fun home exercise equipment and exercise routines on video. Preview Mochi Twister videos!

MoChi Fitness is unique from other exercise routines because it is based in a universally shared love of music and joy of dance. Exercise videos with inspiring, up-beat music means that MoChi exercise routines do not feel like “work” at all… in fact, they are as much fun as dancing! Instead of feeling like you are simply exercising, you are receiving the powerful benefits of keeping the body in motion… dancing and twisting to the beat, having a blast! MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” offers a party group atmosphere with a variety of music. A little bit of country, a little bit of rock & roll… not to mention hip hop and Latin… whatever you are in the mood for, you will always have a great workout and never get bored! You can get your groove on to the MoChi exercise videos, or watch the instructional DVD included in Dawna’s Fit & Fun #1 Routine, learn the moves, and work those same moves to the music you love! The MoChi Twister exercise routines on video can be done to any style of music to fit your every mood! Preview the Mochi Twister video series!

Get the synergy of dance workouts with a Twister boost! MoChi Twister exercise videos not only help you achieve the sexy body you’ve always dreamed of, but they also help to relieve and reduce stress. Energizing music and a body in motion release “feel-good endorphins” for over all good health. Energy creates energy, and the power is in the motion! Motion is lotion to the body… you must move your body to hold onto your youthfulness, regardless of your age. Your body was designed to move, so power up your motion every day and start seeing unbelievable results! The power of the rotating motion of the twister increases metabolism as well, so you can lose extra weight that is causing you to feel sluggish! No wonder MoChi lovers feel better and live healthier!

And MoChi exercise equipment is so convenient and portable, it is perfect for your busy lifestyle. Just pop in your MoChi exercise videos on any TV or computer, anywhere, and start twisting to the beat. Even if you only have 10 minutes, the MoChi Twister is ready to help you feel better and live healthier!

Preview the Mochi Twister video series, then check out our full inventory of Exercise Routines On Video to purchase the videos that work FOR YOU!