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Cardio Workout Routines

MoChi Fitness Twister cardio workout routines are fun and exhilarating!  Choose from our 4 popular cardio work out DVDs: Fit & Fun #1 by Dawna, Body By Condy Fast Sizzling Free Style, and Hip Hop Rocks with Caroline and Team, and Sylvia’s Power Packed Cardio Combat.

Benefits of Cardio Workouts

With MoChi Fitness home cardio combat workout routines, you will feel like a new person!  MoChi’s cardio workouts will increase your energy, strength, endurance, and flexibility with short, fun, workouts that can be done right at home.  MoChi’s cardio sessions are a full body workout.  This is more than going for a jog.  You aren’t just targeting your legs – this is a full body workout that strengthens and tones your arms, core, back, and buns in one short, calorie-burning workout routine.

Love the feeling of completing a workout, but have trouble getting started?  This won’t be the case with your MoChi cardio workout routines.  MoChi Fitness workouts are addictive. Picture yourself listening to upbeat music you love and moving your body to the music – like a dance routine!  It is easy to get motivated for a cardio workout like that.  This is nothing like pounding away at the Stairmaster or running on a treadmill.  There is no monotony or looking at your watch to see when your workout will end.  You will look forward to your MoChi cardio routines and might even pop in a second MoChi cardio workout DVD when you are done with the first one!

Cardio Workouts Anywhere – Home, Gym or Office!

The MoChi Twister workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Many people do their MoChi cardio workout at home, but the possibilities are endless.  We even hear from people who bring their Twisters to the gym, the office, or the bus stop!  Grab your Twisters, G-I-F-T Dial, and a MoChi Fitness cardio workout DVD and you are ready to go.  The Twisters are small, yet sturdy, and can be carried with you anywhere you go.  They can be easily and quickly stored away  – unlike that heavy exercise machine that has become part of your home decor.  Slide these under the bed or away in a closet and access them anytime.  Make MoChi Fitness a part of your cardio workout routine today with our specially-priced All-in-One package that has everything you need to get fit now.