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Home Exercise Routines

If you want a full body, home workout routine that targets strength, endurance, cardio, and flexibility, the Mochi Twister is for you! As our lives get busier and busier, home workout routines are increasing in popularity. MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” is revolutionizing the home fitness industry! The MoChi Twister isn’t just a HOME workout routine, rather it is a PORTABLE workout routine. Unlike bulky pieces of home gym equipment, the MoChi Twister fits in your gym bag, tote bag, or briefcase and is ready for your cardio workout when you are! You can use the MoChi Twister home workout any time, any place, 24 hours a day! Office? School? Bus stop? College Dormitory? This small yet powerful piece of exercise equipment takes no more room than standing in place, which means you won’t miss a workout, no matter how busy or hectic your lifestyle! Simply put down your Mo-Chi Twister, pop in your favorite tunes on your iPod, and invigorate yourself!  Get started with the Mochi Fitness All-In-One Package – it has everything you need to start your home workout routine!

Buddy UP – Home fitness doesn’t have to be isolating. Unlike other home workouts, the portability and affordable price of the MoChi Twister allows you to workout with friends and family.

Mo (Motion) + Chi (Energy Life Force) = Mo-Chi Fitness… The Power is in the Motion! The MoChi Fitness Twister and G-I-F-T Dial aren’t just for athletes or fitness experts. They are used by men and women with careers, lives and families to get real results from their home cardio workout. You may start by working out 3 times a week but because it is so much fun, you get such great results, and you feel so good, it’s addictive! Most everyone ends up increasing their workout routines to 5 days a week. Take a 10 minute break on your twister at the office and feel it release the wonderful, feel good endorphins that increase your energy and help you perform much better throughout the day. A 10 minute workout routine can provide a low impact, ab-tightening, bun-lifting, calorie burning, exhilarating full body workout!   A 20 minute workout routine on the Mo-Chi Twisters will reduce your waistline, tighten weak stomach muscles, and give you a cardio workout, all from a comfortable standing position.

MoChi Fitness takes yesterday’s twister to a whole new level of fitness by introducing our MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” phenomenon. With the MoChi Fitness Twister, we have  reintroduced the twist board as a new, convenient home fitness option that is spinning its way to becoming the FUN AND EXHILARATING choice to get in shape for people of all ages and fitness levels! No more need for multiple large and expensive cardio machines. No matter where you are or how much time you have, just pop in one of our inspiring dance workout videos or listen to your iPod and have a Funtastic time molding your body into a beautiful sculptured piece of art

Get started now with the Mochi Fitness All-In-One Package or choose from the range of Mochi products!