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MoChi Benefits

The health of the American people is at risk and it will affect our future economy.

According to NBC “Today Show”, October 8, 2008, one out of six adults in America is overweight or obese and twenty four million Americans have diabetes. In addition, heart disease is the number one cause of death in American men and women largely due to bad eating habits, stress and lack of motion in the body. Childhood obesity alone is one of the Nation’s leading health threats with 11 million children overweight and an additional 13 million at risk of being overweight.

As a result more and more kids are developing conditions and diseases that would normally associate with adults such as high blood pressure (1.5 million children in the US have high blood pressure), elevated cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. As these children move into adulthood and into the work force they will find themselves needing to take an excessive amount of time off work for doctors’ appointments as well as sick time. This will affect work productivity throughout our nation. In addition insurance companies will be forced to raise the cost of insurance premiums due to the increased number of young adults who will need medical attention along with the overwhelming medical needs of the aging “Baby Boomer” generation.

MoChi Fitness has joined the battle against heart disease and type 2 diabetes by addressing obesity which can be prevented and many times reversed through simple changes in diet and exercise. Our goal is to be a part of heightening the awareness to the obesity crises and encourage everyone to be aware and share these startling facts with family and friends.

MoChi Fitness is the creator of the “Twist-a-Mania” movement which is a fun approach for the whole family to get into shape and change the course of their lives. The MoChi twister keeps the body in motion while you listen to your favorite music reducing stress and burning calories.

Effective: The benefits of working out on the Mo~Chi twist board are endless and there is no age limit.

Even a 10 minute workout on the MoChi Twister each day can be Effective –Stick to the fun MoChi twister routines on DVD and you will get a low Impact -Ab Tightening, Bun Lifting, Calorie Burning Exhilarating Full Body Work-out. If you are tired of sit-ups and crunches the Mo~Chi Twister targets your abdominal muscles in a comfortable standing position. Schedule a workout on the Mo-Chi Twister on a regular basis and you will shrink your waist and achieve the waistline you had years ago.

Our MoChi Twister routines offer a great cardio workout for a strong healthy heart. A body in motion releases the feel good endorphins we so desperately need for over all good health. Working out on your MoChi twisters will increase your metabolism burning calories to get rid of unwanted fat. The power is in the motion.

There is not an exercise that will tighten and lift the buns better than the MoChi Twister does. In addition the double heel click on the twister is the very best exercise for pelvic health.

Fun: Working out on the MoChi Twister is a fun and easy way to achieve your fitness goals. It is one of the few pieces of exercise equipment that delivers a great aerobic workout that is priced right and should be added as an important part of your home gym. The MoChi Fitness exercise twist board is a circular device you stand on, moving it side to side with your feet rotating the board in a twisting motion. It is as much fun as dancing and offers the same streamline toned body the dancers get. Its smooth action helps shrink your waist, firm your buns, slims your hips and tones your thighs. By adding the upper body moves you engage the major muscles in the body which increases the metabolism and burns fat.

Convenient: Because the MoChi Twister is just large enough to place your feet on it makes it easy to store even in the most cramped spaces.

Slip your MoChi twisters into the MoChi Tote bag making it easy to transport your twister to the office, school or over-night business trip so that you can still keep up with your exercise routine. It’s even convenient to take it on vacation with you.

You can have fun twisting while watching television and listening to music. It’s perfect both for beginners and exercise enthusiasts.

Using the MoChi disc on a regular basis helps slow the process of aging by unlocking the base of the spine awaking the life force energy within increasing circulation and fluidity in the body.