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MoChi Fitness G-I-F-T Dial

Enhance your MoChi Fitness Twister cardio workout routines by using our revolutionary four step MoChi G-I-F-T Dial.  The MoChi “Dial” surrounds the twister and has numbers on each side that tell you the intensity of your cardio workout routine.  Use the dial to take your fun and exhilarating cardio workout routine  to a higher level.  Select the music that fits your mood (a little bit of country, hip hop, Latin, or rock & roll) and your body will automatically want to start moving!  The 4 steps are easy… Gauge, Increase, Flex, and Target. GAUGE + INCREASE + FLEX + TARGET = G-I-F-T.

G – Gauge

The MoChi G-I-F-T Dial has numbers on each side of it representing the range to which your body is twisting.  Gauge the accuracy of your motion by rotating your twisters to specific numbers on the “Dial” with a back and forth rotation motion: Try 5 x 5, 10 x 10, 15 x 15, or 20 x 20.

I – Increase

You automatically activate more muscle groups in your body by increasing the range of motion from 5 x 5,  10 x 10, and 15 x 15, 20 x 20. Use the MoChi Twister G-I-F-T Dial to get controlled and specific flex of your muscles throughout your entire cardio workout routine. 5 x 5 on your MoChi G-I-F-T Dial offers tight, isolated moves targeting the gluts, quads and core. 10 x 10 is a wider twisting motion, shrinking the waistline while lifting tight, sexy, MoChi “happy buns”.  15 x 15 increases your range of motion and engages all your lower body muscles.  Supercharge calorie burning by adding the fun and exhilarating upper body moves in the MoChi Twister cardio workout videos.  Now enjoy an electrifying head-to-toe cardio workout!

F – Flex

As you Gauge the depth of your body’s rotation on the MoChi Twister and increase your range of motion, you become aware of the different muscle groups that are automatically engaging as you twist.  Once you identify those different muscle groups, you can control the intensity of the flex in each muscle, making your MoChi Fitness Twister cardio workout one of the best ways to streamline your body! This is much like the intense focus that Pilates strives towards, but combined with upbeat, full body cardio dance routines that are so much FUN!!!

T- Target

Target the areas of the body you want to streamline or strengthen. Use your MoChi twister cardio workout routine to, isolate, focus, and concentrate on the muscles in those areas.  Focus on and intensify the flex in the muscles you are targeting; you now have control of the intensity of your cardio workout for specific parts of your body… enjoy a total body sculpting, muscle by muscle, head-to-toe workout!! With more focused effort targeting specific areas of the body, MoChi Fitness cardio workout routines offer you the ability to burn between 300 and 1000 calories in just one hour.  Muscle burns fat.  Adding the MoChi G-I-F-T Dial to your twister cardio workout routine helps build and strengthen your muscles much faster, which gives you a continued fat burning effect even after your workout!! The new MoChi Fitness G-I-F-T (Gauge – Increase – Flex – Target) system is making the news as one of the most powerful cardio workouts you will ever experience… and it’s so much FUN!!!!  Get the G-I-F-T advantage and watch your body transform into a streamlined dancer’s body right in front of your eyes… all while listening to your favorite music!