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Mochi Twister

What are the MoChi Twisters?

The MoChi Twister (also known as twist board or twist disc) is a light weight, portable piece of exercise equipment designed to be a free moving devise for a variety of standing, seated, and floor exercises. Working out on the MoChi Twister with its side to side rotating action is an ideal exercise that increases strength, flexibility, and blood flow. This free moving rotating device requires engagement of your core muscles, which not only increases strength but also creates an important sense of postural stability. Get started with our All-in-One Package at the special price of just $69.99.

Strength, Balance, and Your Core

Your body’s core provides the stability and strength for all other movement. The spine, hips, abdomen and pelvis make up the core. Working out on the MoChi Twisters compels your body to work harder, forcing you to steady your body at the same time you are conditioning specific muscles. Think about trying to keep your balance as you cross a stream on uneven, slippery rocks. Your abdominal muscles and glutes’ tighten, and you focus more on keeping your spine, hips and pelvis inline to maintain your balance. Working out on the MoChi Twisters with its continuous movement works the same way; it engages ALL your core muscles, which keeps you balanced to create a strong, lean, toned body.

Maintaining balance is especially important as you age because balance tends to decline as the years pass. The decline is largely due to the loss of lower muscle flexibility and strength, a condition that is accelerated if your job requires you to work at a desk most the day. Performing exercises to enhance balance is important for fall prevention as well as for daily living activities.

A strong core also helps you excel in athletic pursuits while decreasing your chances of injury. The twisters are not only used to improve core strength but also coordination, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, which is great for kids. Working out on the MoChi Twisters produces amazing results, helping people of all ages maintain muscle strength and balance to insure a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The power is in the Motion……. The continuous side to side motion of the MoChi Twisters, along with the exhilarating MoChi Twister routines, create an electrifying cardio workout that expands your lung capacity while burning calories. Follow along with our fun-filled exercise videos and get an Ab Tightening, Bun Lifting, Calorie Burning, Full Body Workout. You can get started right away by ordering our All-in-One Package valued at $150 now for only $69.99.

Superior Construction

MoChi Fitness designed its twisters using advanced technology and molding methods for a superior light weight product. We have incorporated an abundance of steel ball bearings to reduce friction making the MoChi Twisters an extremely durable piece of exercise equipment that will sustain a long life span.

Say goodbye to large, expensive pieces of equipment that take up too much room in your home. The MoChi Twisters offer a powerful workout yet are so compact you can slip them under the couch, in the closet, or tucked away in your gym bag for convenient storage, ready to grab on your way out the door heading to school or the office. Purchase an extra set of twisters and place them where ever you would like to work out – your living room, bedroom, or patio! At the special price of $69.99, the All-in-One package valued at $150.00 will give you everything you need to start your daily MoChi Fitness exercise regimen, keeping you on track to a healthier, more energized life style.

Cardio and Fun

MoChi Fitness is more than just twist boards… it’s the full package of health, cardio, strength training, and FUN!! Put on your favorite music or pop in one of our many varied exercise videos and power up your motion!!! Begin the twisting action by bending your knees, slightly twisting your lower body in the opposite direction of your upper body. Tuck in and squeeze your abdominals throughout the duration of the twisting movement. To get your heart rate up, follow your favorite MoChi Twister dance workout routine with its continuous twisting motion for 20 to 30 minutes. Add increased cardio intensity to your workout routine by engaging your arms and upper body following the cardio moves on the variety of music-driven dance exercise videos led by our MoChi Fitness team.

Customize Your Exercise Workout

You can use your MoChi Twisters seated or standing, depending on your needs and abilities. Learn the basic MoChi Twister moves by beginning with the instructional section, lead by Caroline, included on Dawna’s Fit and Fun # 1 DVD. Once you are familiar with the basic moves, continue to work-out to Dawna’s Ab Tightening, Bun Lifting, Calorie Burning, FUN, cardio routine. As you increase your balance and strength, move on to more complex maneuvers with Body By Condy Fast Sizzling Free Style, Hip Hop Rocks with Caroline and Team, and Sylvia’s Power Packed Cardio Combat.Once you learn all the MoChi Twister signature moves you can go anywhere, power up your motion and have a great work out. Just pop in your iPod, listen to the music you love, the music that moves your body, and create your own fun funky routines.

Adding the MoChi “G-I-F-T Dial” to your twister routine will boost your workout to a higher level. Place the MoChi G-I-F-T Dial around one twister. Gage your range of motion by the numbers on the MoChi Dial, Identify the different muscle groups used for each range, Flex your muscles as you increase your range of motion and finally Target the areas you wish to firm and tone by intensifying the flex in the muscles all while benefiting the core.

The MoChi Twisters are a lightweight, convenient, economical piece of exercise equipment that produces fantastic results. You get fat burning cardio, total body sculpting, toning and core workouts all at the same time, and the MoChi Twisters can be yours by placing your order today. Order now and get started with our All-in-One Package valued at $150 for only $69.99.