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Success Stories

Jan  K –  California
First e-mail Jan sent to MoChi Fitness – “I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the MoChi twisters; I absolutely LOVE the different routines. I just started doing the workout with the lovely Latin Team, what a workout.  I never thought I could end a workout session sweating and feeling “sexy” at the same time.”

Second e-mail Jan sent to MoChi Fitness after working out on the twisters for a year.  “I have been using the MoChi Twister for over a year and am happy to say that it is one of my favorite ways to exercise.  The (instructional portion) included on Dawna’s Fit & Fun # 1 DVD was fun and easy to follow and allows you to decide on the intensity of your workout.  When using the MoChi twisters, I know that I am getting a full cardio workout without putting stress on my knees or joints.  I also love the convenience of being able to take the MoChi twisters with me when traveling.  I truly believe that anyone who works out using the MoChi twisters along with the variety of twister routines will be as happy as I am.”

Watch the cardio workout routines that Jan is talking about!

Vickie S– California
From the first time I was exposed to the MoChi Twisters I knew this was the answer to my issues…  At this particular time in my life I couldn’t afford a gym membership.  And even if I were to run across a treadmill or stairmaster at a greatly reduced price I don’t have room in my home for a large piece of exercise equipment.  I love music and when it comes to working out I don’t like to be bored. What I love the most about the MoChi twister routines is that I never get bored because the music-driven routines offer opportunity for me to workout, feel good, and be entertained all at the same time.  I actually really look forward to my MoChi twister workout every other day.  I make it even more fun by rotating the variety of MoChi twister routines.  Yep, I guess you could say I’m a Twist-a-Maniac. Just love it!

Jenifer C – California
I am very athletic and for strength and endurance I pump weights on a regular basis. When I was introduced to Dawna’s MoChi Twister routine I thought, piece of cake….. Much to my surprise I found Dawna’s routine a tremendous challenge, amazing workout and so much fun all at the same time.  I really felt it in my bum, and that makes me ecstatic because our bum is an area we all want to keep firm and lifted.

Tam U – Missouri 
I live in Missouri and like many states the weather does not cooperate for outside activity. The threats from the severe cold of winter and the summer heat with extreme humidity mean most activity will be indoors. I am a 59 year-old male who has always worked at staying in shape yet I’m finding that at my age it’s harder to hold onto the physical qualities that youth afforded.  Walking, some running, and a variety of workout equipment in my home gym are all part of my routine.  I have discovered that the MoChi twisters are a perfect supplement when I want to warm up and when I want to wind down… and I know by adding weights while using the MoChi twisters increases the intensity of my workout.  I have always believed that what I put into my workout is what I will get out of it.  I am currently using the MoChi twisters to ensure a flat stomach, “no spare tire” … and that is impressive from something so easy to use… after all… I do live in Missouri and we are the Show-Me State… and MoChi Fitness has shown me that working out on the easy gliding MoChi twisters with its rotation motion really does work.

See the videos for yourself – you will agree with Tam!

Jessica J – California
I am a stay at home mom of two young children.  My husband encourages me to continue to make MoChi Fitness an ever growing part of my life.  I love to keep the body God has given me active and working out on the MoChi Twisters have become one of my favorite ways to stay fit.

I love decorating, cooking for my family, entertaining, and spending time with loved ones.  So I needed to find a workout solution that is enjoyable and keeps me motivated and I am so glad I have found something that is a fun cardio workout and I’m especially excited that it really does firm my muscles as well.

With the demands of my life, homeschooling, homemaking, church participation, family time, and other various activities, I find that the MoChi Twister routines fit into my busy life perfectly.  I continue to make it a priority to fit in a time each day to workout when ever and where ever I possibly can.  There are times when I can only fit in a 5 minute MoChi Twister workout here and there but at least it guarantees that I get my hour workout in each day.

Caroline V- California
I just love to dance, that is why I love the MoChi Twister routines.  The music and fun dance moves on the MoChi twisters have given me remarkable results to my waistline. When I do the MoChi twister routines I feel energetic and happy.  It doesn’t feel like I am working out at all because it’s so much fun. I never thought my favorite hobby would be to workout but the key is to find an exercise that you love to do.  Once you try the MoChi twister routines you will be hooked!!

Leslie – California
I am in my 50’s, very fit and I’m on a professional swim team. This past year while visiting my home town during the Christmas holiday, I hooked up with an old school buddy of mine, who also is very fit.   He introduced me to the MoChi twisters.  I could tell that he was quite thrilled with the results he was getting from working out on the MoChi twisters.  He made a call to Dawna, his friend and founder of MoChi Fitness, who gave me a short one-on-one personal training session on the twisters.  She gave me some great tips to make sure I get the most out of my twister workout.  Because my regular workout is so intense I wasn’t sure if I would benefit that much by adding the MoChi twister routine to my daily workout regimen. However, I was quite surprised.   I found that Dawna’s twister routine was a GREAT workout.  I couldn’t wait to e-mail her so that she knew that she is the first face I see every morning, after my coffee of course.  I put her DVD in the dvd player and in no time I am releasing the endorphins that energize me.  I also am getting a lot of other incredible benefits from working out on the twisters including increased range of motion in my body.  As a swimmer having a strong yet flexible body makes a difference in who gets to the finish line first.

See the exercise routines  that Leslie loves!

Kourtni H – California
Dawna introduced me to the MoChi Twisters a while back and when she was explaining how the twister routines would stretch, strengthen, and streamline the body I honestly questioned it.  I have three young children and trust me I understand the importance of working out but also how hard it is to fit it all in when leading such a busy life.  I didn’t think I would have the time to fit the MoChi twister routine into my regular workout schedule each week.  However, Dawna ask me to join her MoChi team and by making a commitment to workout on the twisters on a regular basis I was delightfully surprised with the results.  I continued to do my regular workout routine that I had been doing in the past and my diet stayed the same yet I lost a full pant size.  I give credit to losing the pant size to Dawna’s MoChi twister routine.  In fact I gave up my gym membership because I felt the twister workout was doing the job.  Working out to the MoChi twister routines is a wonderful way to release stress as well. I am having so much fun on the twisters it’s amazing how good I feel.  I also found that my kids love the twisters. They can’t wait for me to finish my workout so that they can take their turn on the twisters.

Angela H – California
I love my MoChi twisters and the MoChi twister routines.  They are so much fun and I absolutely love what the workout does to my body. When I take my two sons to the park I take the twisters with me.  I pop in my iPod and workout on the twisters while listening to the music I love all while watching the kids at the same time.  It’s great to get my workout in for the day instead of sitting on the park bench.

Eva – Northern California
I worked out at Dawna’s gym in the San Francisco Bay area on a regular basis.  She brought in some MoChi twisters for the gals to try. She would turn up the volume to fast fun music and we all rocked out on the twisters. Eventually she created specific routines that targeted specific areas of the body. I am a very small woman and mostly workout to build muscle and stay healthy. When I included the MoChi twister as part of my regular workout I ended up having to take all my skirts and pants to my seamstress because my waistline shrunk almost an inch all from using the MoChi twisters.  Amazing!!! I Also, I spend a lot of time away on business trips making it difficult to get to the gym.  However, I am faithful at packing my MoChi twisters in my suitcase to take with me because after an intense busy day away from home I love spending time in the hotel releasing stress by twisting away to the music I love.

Janet S – California  
Dawna Hudson and I have been friends since we were kids.  When she introduced the MoChi twister concept to me it peaked my interest.  I truly know the value of working out and in fact I have a personal trainer that I work with on a regular basis.  Once Dawna shared with me all the benefits I could receive from working out on the MoChi twisters I decided it was worth a try.  Wow….. She was right it truly is, as she says, an ab tighten, bun lifting, calorie burning workout.  Honestly, even though I found myself having so much fun working out on the twisters, the aerobic workout I was getting from following the MoChi twister routine got my heart pounding and I was sweating the toxins out of my body.  It didn’t take long and I started feeling more energetic.

My husband and I often go to Napa to visit my daughter and her family.  This time I took my MoChi twisters because I have become addicted to the endorphins I release when I workout on them.  My daughter had previously injured her knee and during our visit she decided to see if the twister workout would bother her injured knee. Not only did it not bother her knee she was thrilled to get some motion back into her body.  And of course she talked me into leaving the twisters at her house so that she could continue working out on them.  Being the caring mother that I am I had no problem leaving the twisters with her.  However, Dawna was my first phone call I made when I returned home.  You bet I needed those twisters and Dawna being the caring friend she is brought the twisters to me. I guess it’s one of those pay it forward kind of things.  Anyway, each morning I turn on the music that I love, hop onto the MoChi twisters and get an extra workout on my back side by working my bun muscles while putting on my make-up.  By the way my daughter still loves working out on the twisters even though her knee has healed.  So I can speak for the two of us, pick up the phone or order on line and get your MoChi Twisters right away. I guarantee you will be so happy you did!!

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