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What is MoChi Fitness?

At Home Exercises & Dance Workouts that keep you fit & happy!

What is MoChi Fitness?

MoChi Fitness is a new convenient fitness option for any age—with one caveat: You must want to have fun!

MoChi Fitness’ Twisters offer a compact design and the ability to personalize workouts to suit your mood, music taste, or space considerations make it a unique fitness regimen unlike any other on the market.

Think about your reasons for not exercising. Most likely, you start and stop multiple times, and do you know why? Because the workout isn’t FUN. MoChi Fitness workouts include several cardio workout friendly activities that most of us don’t have time, money, or the space to do on a daily basis. The movements of the MoChi Twister resemble activities from dancing to downhill skiing—and you never have to leave your living room or office to exercise! Yet, you can expect to get an ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning full body workout by following the twister routines.

Let’s look at some common reasons for lack of exercise and how MoChi Fitness can help.

“I don’t have the room for home exercise equipment.”

Unlike many large, bulky pieces of home exercise equipment, MoChi Fitness Twisters are portable, so small that they fit in a large purse, in your backseat, or will fit underneath most recliners or sofas (but as an added bonus, MoChi Twisters come in their own convenient MoChi Tote Bag, too). Unlike home gyms, MoChi Twisters are lightweight and only slightly bigger than a Frisbee.

“I don’t have time to work out.”

In the amount of time it takes to wait for a bus, the subway, a flight, or an appointment, you could have your entire day’s worth of exercise completed. MoChi Twisters are portable and designed to engage muscles from the second you begin moving and working the twisters. New moms can work the “twisters” between feedings, teenagers have fun “twisting” while reading homework, office staff can engage ab muscles “twisting” away inches from their waist during each of their 15-minute breaks. The MoChi Twister travels with you, so you never have to “make time” for exercise! You no longer have to risk bad weather for a run. The MoChi Twister provides all the exercise you need right where you need it: With you!

“I’m too tired to work out.”

Maybe you feel too tired to work out because your workouts are boring and don’t incorporate music and fun. In her article, Exercise Fights Fatigue, Boosts Energy, Jennifer Warner of WebMD, says, “It may seem counterintuitive, but researchers say expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run.”

In a news release, researcher Patrick O’Connor, PhD, claims that “A lot of times when people are fatigued, the last thing they want to do is exercise. But if you're physically inactive and fatigued, being just a bit more active will help.” O'Connor is the co-director of the University of Georgia exercise psychology laboratory, in Athens, Ga.

Researcher Tim Puez, PhD, also of UGA says, “We live in a society where people are always looking for the next sports drink, energy bar, or cup of coffee that will give them the extra edge to get through the day. But it may be that lacing up your tennis shoes and getting out and doing some physical activity every morning can provide that spark of energy that people are looking for.”

In other words, the “fix” is easier than you think and has nothing to do with consuming costly calories. It isn’t a magic pill or a magic diet, it’s exercise, and without it, your body can’t function at its optimum ability, and you’ll be lethargic and feel “blah.”

“I get bored too easily with any of the fitness videos that I’ve tried.”

The great news is that we’ve designed the MoChi Fitness Videos to teach you the routines, yet once you learn them, you’re free to be creative and come up with your own fun twister moves to your own music! We will release new DVDs periodically to teach you new routines and exercises, and then you’re all set to “move” on your own. Using your headphones, MTV, the radio, or your own CD collection, the MoChi Twister becomes a FUN way to move to your favorite music. Emulating dancing movements in the lower body, the motions created by twisting will have you keeping time to the beat the same way you would tapping your hands on the steering wheel. When you jump onto the MoChi Twister while blasting your favorite music, your body grooves naturally (and enjoys a cardio workout at the same time!).

"Can I really get a cardio workout & great overall workout with MoChi Twisters?"

The new MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” phenomenon has electrified the nation as a new fitness option because it’s a fun (and highly portable) method for people of all ages to get in shape. This system provides a low impact exercise—but don’t let that fool you! Dance is a major calorie burning fun sport; it stimulates coordination, stamina and cardiovascular condition. MoChi Twister engages and strengthens the body in the same way dancing does. The continuous power of rotation motion on the twister engages the lower part of the body by keeping the muscles flexed, including the quads, gluts, and pelvic muscles. The twist workout motion is highly regarded to burn belly fat, and adding the upper body moves offers extra abdominal tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning full body workout that is so much fun you don’t feel like you’re working out at all!

We DARE you to try MoChi Fitness and compare it to any other exercise program. MoChi Twisters are the best home exercise equipment on the market today!